Tranquil Lakes

Greenwater lakes.jpg

Greenwater Lakes

If you love the tranquil waters of mountain lakes, then this hike is for you. It is a relatively easy trail to greenwater lakes with the colors of the lake rivaling the finest emeralds and turquoise gemstones. This is our pick if you just want a “walk in the woods.”


Talapus Lake and beyond

If you aren’t quite sure if you want a short or long hike, then this is the one for you. The first destination along the trail is Talapus Lake at an easy 4 miles roundtrip. But you can push on further to even more lakes with Olallie just beyond. Also good for summer swimming.


Blanca lake

The most stunning of Washington’s lakes is only for the most adventuresome. The trail is challenging and steep, but the surreal colors of this lake make the sweat worth it. If you fancy yourself a fit and adventurous soul, don’t back down from this challenge - it’s worth it.