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Talapus Lake

4 miles

With a moderate grade on a wide trail, the hike to Talapus Lake is the perfect introduction to the outdoors for hikers and beginning backpackers.

From the Talapus parking area, we head into dark, cool forest on a wide, if somewhat rooty trail. The grade is moderate, allowing you to enjoy the tall cedars and hemlocks all around you. The trail steepens soon, switchbacking up as Talapus Creek flows downhill to your right.

From this point the trail flattens out, heading straight through increasingly boggy terrain – be ready to get your boots wet!

WTA crews have worked here installing a turnpike, a structure that helps keep hikers’ feet out of the muddiest areas, just before the lake.

Crest a small rise and shortly arrive at Talapus Lake.

Bring a swimsuit! In summer, this little alpine lake warms up and makes for the perfect swimming destination.