Lake Serene & Bridal Veil Falls

4-8.2 miles roundtrip

At a glance: Opt for the easy/moderate 4 miles roundtrip to Bridal Veil Falls or push your self a bit more with a moderate/challenging hike with steady elevation gain up to Lake Serene. The views are worth the effort if you wish to push on to the lake!

What's included: Pick-up from hotel/home/airbnb and transport to trailhead, trailhead permit and passes, lunch, snacks, equipment, and drop-off back to home base. $199/person.

Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls compete for attention on this trail. Either would be a worthy destination by themselves and combined they are a great day on the trail.

From the parking lot the trail follows an old road bordered by towering salmonberry bushes and deciduous trees. The berries ripen in early to mid June and the best ones are found high above your head.

Once the trail leaves the old road bed it enters a dense forest and begins climbing. At 1.7 miles a signed trail to the right leads up to Bridal Veil Falls. It's a half-mile up to the falls, much of it climbing steeply up stairs. The trail splits near the falls forming a loop.

Back on the main trail to Serene Lake the route crosses the creek then begins the final climb. It's a steady ascent using stairs, roots, and rocks for the final 1.5 miles gaining 1,300 feet.

Once the trail crosses into the basin it's hard not to run down the hill to the lake, but stick to the trail. In an area as popular as Lake Serene it's important to practice the principles of Leave No Trace and good wilderness etiquette. Across the water the cliffs of Mt. Index rise 3,000 feet straight up and snow is piled at the base after a winter full of avalanches.