Mount Rainier is moody. There’s just no other way to describe her. And yes, she’s a her. When I look at the mountain I just can’t see her as a he. Perhaps it’s the whole Mother Earth and Father Time thing.

When you go up on her flanks as often as we do, and see her each day standing as a sentinel, you start to develop a certain affinity and affection for her. The locals use her as a weather vane - is she out? Or is she hiding?

Does she have round, alien ship clouds floating above her indicating inclement weather on the way?

She’s tough and gritty, icy. A secure presence anchored in the Cascade range. She’s fickle and feisty, offering sun and warmth before cloaking you in her own blanket of clouds, mist and cold.

She’s a tease. Playing peak-a-boo in the clouds.

She’s hard. Taking lives from those that dare to challenge her. But offering triumph to those that are brave enough to try.

The stars in the heavens are her crown, the snow and ice coat her in diamonds and the foothills adorn her in emerald evergreens.

She’s constant. Always present, even as she hides among the clouds.

And we can’t help but love her. She was here long before us and she’ll be here long after we are gone.

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